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    Intuition is a powerful internal self care recourse, but as humans – in contrast to every other animal in nature – we regularly choose not to explore, but to ignore survival signals.  Rather than entertain the possibility that our minds are working for us and not playing tricks, we rush to ridicule the impulse

    Gavin De Becker


    Protect Yourself offers self defence courses to those who wish to learn how to defend themselves by avoiding conflict or if they have no other choice (in their opinion) through physical techniques – escapes, striking, etc. which are in accordance with what is deemed reasonable at the time.

    Courses are offered to the corporate sector and mainly take place at their premises at a time that suits those attending, classes may also include some physical strength and conditioning as this adds to the general overall well being of all in attendance.


    Unfortunately everybody knows someone who has been the victim of an attack, and too many of us have experienced this first hand.  Whether you have previous training or are new to physical training you can learn how to protect yourself against a multitude of potentially dangerous situations.

    After an attack many of us look back and ask ourselves


    “… how did I not see it comingwhy did I trust him… why did I ignore my gut feeling…how could I have avoided that attackwhat can I do to protect myself from such an attack in future..?”


    In almost all cases if an encounter becomes physical you have already failed.  Through increased awareness and learning how to detect the ‘tell signs’ we increase our chances of avoiding the encounter at the early stages thus protecting ourselves.

    Too many Self Defence courses focus only on the physical aspect, although this can be the difference between survival and a brutal experience – studies show that in most cases it can be avoided.

    Quite simply – The best form of self-defence is not putting yourself in a position where you have to defend yourself, much of this comes down to trusting yourself, trusting your intuition and trusting your sense of fear – an asset we were all born with.

    Learn how to tune in to your intuition – your natural self defence mechanism, learn how to deal with potential predators – do not be fooled by the mind games they play, and learn (as a last resort) how to physically defend yourself – through simple, effective and easy to learn techniques which can be adapted to multiple situations.