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    Photos from recent training week at Andy Crittenden’s Martial Arts Centre in Doncaster.


    Protect Yourself Chief Instuctor Ed Dunne receiving a Black Belt in Freestyle Martial Arts and Self Defence Training with Mr. Dave Turton 9th Dan - Director ASMAA & SDF Director/Senior Grading Officer.








    Mr. Andy Crittenden 6th Dan (SDF Deputy Head), Ed Dunne (Chief Instructor – Protect Yourself), Hayden Lindley 4th Dan (2012 WKC European Kickboxing Champion -72KG) and Mr. Dave Turton 9th Dan (SDF Senior Grading Officer).




    Photos from a recent Self Defence seminar where number of attacking positions were explored:









    Defending yourself from the ground against a stronger attacker - establish a stable base and while holding a guard, attack the vunerable areas of the predator.  In this drill the defender has lined up a groin strike should the attacker approach.











    Defence from a punch, (against a straight Right Cross) in this example the defender has stepped off and used a counter strike – palm strike .









    Defence from a punch - (against a wild strike) in this example the defender is stepping towards the attacker while holding a strong guard – there are many follow up actions that can be taken from this position










    Taking the predator down while trapping the arm in a secure and balanced stance









    Taking the head, the  defender slides his inside arm over the attackers head and secures a guillotine, at the same time forces the attackers arm underneath locking a strong grip by holding his own arm & maintaining a balanced stance







    Defending from the Ground In this situation the attacker has an obvious advantage.  The defender is supporting his weight with his lower arm while holding the other arm in guard. As can be seen the defender has also hooked his lower foot behind the attackers front heel locking it in place and with his upper foot in a sideways position pushes against the attackets shin.   This knocks him backwards – as can be seen, from here the defender has the opportunity to escape as his attacker falls to the ground













    Ed Dunne pictured with John Nikalaou from Greece (more to follow on stick fighting including disarms, etc.),  John works with the Greek Special Forces and Immigration police and is very knowledgeable in this area, he was a pleasure to meet and work with for a full weekend.