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    ‘Learn from nature: how often do you see the mouse playing by the hawk’s nest?’


    Protect Yourself allows students explore their own style within a syllabus geared towards arming the average person with the ability to asses situations and ultimately use force should it be required as a means to survive an attack.  All aspects of the syllabus are genuine, tried and proven by experienced instructors and professionals who have worked in the industry.

    Protect Yourself concentrates on teaching students about awareness (self and environmental), avoidance of potential situations (how to asess potential predatorial behaviour) and escaping (managing dialogue as a distraction) prior to confrontations, only as a last resort will students be advised to use physical force.  Although there are times when an attacker can not be negotiated with, the use of physical force is then, and only then, advised as a last resort.

    Protect Yourself (Ed Dunne – Chief Instructor) is the Dublin representative of All Styles Martial Arts Association (ASMAA) located in the UK, if you require information on the many martial arts or self defence styles under the ASMAA syllabus please contact me for details.  All courses are based on and are taught with the expertise gained through experienced and respected instructors.

    Students will be offered seminars, courses and in time the opportunity to grade in Self Defence.

    Garda Vetting Certificate