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    Ground Defence

    Published on January 22, 2013, by in Uncategorized.

    If attacked you never want to end up on the ground with your attacker standing over you ready to harm, however, this is how many fights go if the attacker is not stopped quickly.  Many of us can be caught off guard or  may be wearing shoes (particularly ladies) which hinder our balance.  Amongst other restraints being on the ground slows your escape, limits your striking options and unless you are trained leaves you with a huge disadvantage.  There are a number of options open to the defender and if armed with the right skill set an effective defence can be deployed.













    In the first 2 pictures above the attacker is approaching the defender while he is on the ground.  As the attacker moves to within striking distance (in most cases if he can strike you – you can strike him), there are a number of targets open to the defender.  In this case the lead (weight bearing) leg is open for a shin stomp/side kick.  By hooking the lower foot around the attackers heel (temporarily holding it in place for the following strike) and kicking the shin just below the knee it knocks the attacker back while causing a considerable amount of pain (obviously dampened if the attacker is not sober), if done with good technique the attacker will fall to the ground.




    In the 3rd picture the attacker is again approaching (this time a female) from a standing position, in this case she has targeted the groin with a similar strike which will again cause considerable pain.  The same base is used to deliver the strike giving balance and helping accuracy.


    The base position of the defender is very important, from this position he/she has good balance and can pivot from the hip if the attacker circles to change his line of attack.  The lower arm is supporting the defender (and helps when moving) while the other is used as a guard.  It is also very important that the defender can get up quickly from the ground into a good stance, this comes with practice and simulation of such situations.


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    Defence against a Knife Attack

    Published on January 8, 2013, by in Uncategorized.

    What do you do if confronted by an attacker with a weapon – in this case a knife or edged weapon?

    If approached you should first ask yourself a few questions - by assessing your attacker when they approach you start to plan your response, ask yourself:

    • Is he holding the weapon in his right or left hand?
    • Is he bigger or smaller than you?
    • Does he appear to have any obvious weaknesses?
    • Is he quick or slow?
    • Is there anything behind him or out of his line of view that you can use to your advantage?
    • Does he see your retreat as a sign of weakness or does it make him nervous?


    Escape                                  The priority (as always) is to try to escape – If you have the opportunity to run and escape during the course of a knife attack, do it immediately. Try to quickly scan your environment for possible escape routes - doors, windows, stairwells, or other avenues of safe escape. Under no circumstances should you engage in knife defence techniques unless it is absolutely necessary. Don’t let your ego or pride trap you into believing that it’s cowardly to run from a knife attack. Remember; If you attempt to outrun a knife attack, be certain that you have the athletic ability to really move.


    Respect the Weapon         Even a child is dangerous with a knife so do not underestimate how big the problem is that you are confronted with, the odds are strongly stacked against your survival if you are unarmed and attacked by a predator with a knife. Bottom line - never underestimate the danger of a knife attack as it could cost you your life.


    Attackers Intent                It’s critical to make an accurate threat assessment when confronted by a knife attacker. Use split second judgment to determine exactly what the attacker wants to accomplish – is he trying to rob you (using the knife as a threat) or does he want to harm/cut you (using the knife as an extra tool). If you have determined that your assailant plans to attack you with a knife, you must immediately resort to aggressive knife defensive tactics.


    Control the Man              “…Control the man – control the weapon…”  A knife is a tool – it has no independent thoughts, actions, etc.  the weapon is controlled by the attacker and so it is the attacker who should be your focus.  By focusing solely on the knife you neglect the attackers other weapons – punches and kicks, etc.   Defensive techniques will neutralise the arm controlling the weapon while bearing in mind that the attacker still has other options to strike.  Initially you should look to create a gap between yourself and the weapon before making your move, from there you act decisively with simple and effective moves while keeping the blade away from cutting you.



    For more details contact info@protectyourself.ie


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    Hello world!

    Published on June 20, 2012, by in Uncategorized.

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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