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    ‘As a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) I’ve been in many, many use of force incidents, a couple of shootings, and had more incidents that had the potential to become violent but didn’t.  In very few of them did any particular technique come to me to “Save The Day”.  What served me much better was the understanding of what was happening, recognising it as it happened and not letting the fear and adrenaline keep me from acting, even if the action in question was simply talking the situation down’

    M. Guthrie, Federal Air Marshal (fifteen year veteran of LEO , including gang unit & U.S. Border Control)

    Unfortunately many experienced Martial Artists discover that the training they have received in the safety of their dojo has not transitioned to the reality of the street.  The difficulty is that merely kicking and punching in a live situation may not be enough to stop an attacker who is in a rage, drunk and/or under the influence of a stronger substance.

    Courses are aimed at everyday people who may have trained before or not, people who consider themselves physically fit or not, and are open to everyone of 13 years and over.  Courses available are as follows:

    • Basic Self Defence & Self Protection
    • Ladies Self Defence
    • Knife Self Defence & Awareness
    • Physical Intervention
    • Children’s Self Protection Awareness & Delf Defence


    Courses deal with aspects of violent encounters with emphasis on how to try and AVOID an encounter.  Some aspects are listed below:

     Pre Encounter:

    • How to avoid a potential attack with subtle defence techniques
    • How not to be a target – Target Hardening
    • How to spot the behaviour of a predator, what to look for and how to react
    • How to manage the lead up to and cut off a potential situation
    • How to create opportunities to escape during a potential encounter
    • When is it right and how to pre-emptive strike


    • Dealing with adrenaline and other physical changes experienced
    • Striking techniques
    • Effective strikes from different positions
    • Multiple striking
    • Neutralising and shutting down an attacker
    • Reasonable force
    • Handling multiple attackers
    • Escape techniques

     Post Encounter:

    • How to deal with post trauma shock
    • How and when to make a statement if required
    • How to “Kick the Black Dog

    Skills taught are easy to learn, effective and encourage the student to develop their preferred style within a flexible syllabus.

    Studies have shown that predators tend to follow certain behaviours (almost like a script), many of these are explored thus arming students with the ability to detect and respond to such behaviour.  Studies have categorised different attackers:

    • The ‘Eye Contact Challenger’
    • The Professional Attacker
    • The Mugger
    • The Pincer Movement
    • The Rapist/Killer
    • Etc…

    Such ’Predators’ are broken down (multiple studies have shown trends in behaviour), understanding your attacker helps you better understand how to protect yourself against such an encounter.


    Below is a video link with Mr. Dave Turton showing the ease of execution and describing the effectivness of an eye jab.  This  technique is particularly suitable for women if confronted or threatened by a larger stronger attacker.  The technique is introduced and its application (in terms of when it is reasonable to use) is clearly outlined.